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I wrote my first guitar theory and technique book quite a few years ago and since then, I have found the concepts to work extremely efficiently when teaching students at all levels of ability. I have wanted to transform the concepts outlined in the book into practical video courses so that students can work through specific examples and focus on the 'doing' rather than just the 'understanding'.

I have worked hard at creating this video course and I am very excited at the prospect of students working though the process to achieve their goals.

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What people have said about my original book

The only book you need.

by P Cutting

Firstly I have purchased many books to help me understand guitar theory and this is by far the BEST student friendly theory book out there. I usually struggle with other books as they often assume you already have some kind of musical knowledge. This book WILL simplify everything and reduce the time it takes you to learn and understand scales, chords and arpeggios. It teaches you a completely different way of thinking and will have you playing those tricky licks you thought you'd never play in no time. But with this book you will understand how it works and be able to implement that knowledge into your own music. So if you are looking for a that one key thing to help you progress as a musician then this book is it. It will significantly reduce the time it takes you to learn and understand anything on the guitar. I really can't rate this book highly enough and predict it will soon be a top seller.

Finally, a guitar tutorial book that makes sense!

by P Rayfield

From beginning to end this book is set out with easy to understand terminology and diagrams that have helped me understand how every chord type is constructed, how to make my own chords from any position of the fretboard and which scales to use over them for solos. Before reading this book I was stuck playing simple pentatonic blues scales in one or two positions. Now the entire fretboard has been opened up for me to explore during soloing and I am completely hooked! This book has something for all levels of ability and for me was definitley money well spent.

Best guitar tuition book I've ever read

by Chloella-Ray

I wasn't sure how useful a guitar tuition book would actually be but I was really surprised at how much I have learnt from this book. It's simple enough for anyone to follow but advanced enough to really help advance your playing. I would recommend this to any guitarist looking to take their skills to the next level.

Brilliantly constructed tutorial

by Peter Strong

Knowing what note to play is what this book is all about claims the author and it is a well justified claim too. The pattern of learning is both logical and memorable, but best of all it employs a simplicity that sets it apart and ties together the business of learning the fretboard, scales and chord construction in a concise and exceptionally useable way. All the essentials are here, and the promise of much more too...if the ultimate objective is to train your ears to hear the notes and changes in your music, this book gives you the means to achieve. Definitely five stars.

Amazing, Wonderful book

by Hijihuhusg

This book gives you a great understanding of how the guitar's chords and scales are built up. It also gives a great explanation on how to do and make anything on the guitar.

Really great book.

by Michael Franks

This book is well worth getting if you are serious about learning about how the notes on a fretboard relate to each other. The shape that he uses to show scales and modes is a great way to simplify the learning process.

Improve your chord repertoire today!

Imagine how much more creative you would be as a guitarist with a vastly increased understanding and knowledge of chords.

Chord knowledge benefits

  • Useable shapes

    Thousands of useable chord shape possibilities will greatly improve your guitar playing. All shapes are chord voicings that sound good and work together perfectly for lead voicing.

  • Logical building process

    Simply learning shapes will not create a good chord repertoire. Break out of this habit and learn a structured method to understand and memorise thousands of chord shapes.

  • Trouble hearing chords?

    By visualising intervals and understanding chord construction, you will eventually be able to recognise chord types by ear. This is very difficult to achieve when learning shapes only.

University of West London seminars

An audience of professional tutors

I enjoy giving seminars to other professional guitar tutors and discussing teaching concepts. This particular seminar at the University of West London used some of the concepts from this course. Over 7000 chords were generated from one single chord shape in under one hour!
London College of Music seminar

What will you learn?

Essential skills that will allow you to feel much more confident as a guitarist.

  • The ability to memorise and understand how to use thousands of useable chord shapes

  • Visualisation skills that will also help in improvising over chord changes

  • How to continue generating chord shapes yourself

  • How to vastly improve your harmonic vocabulary, no matter what style of guitar you play

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Fretboard Visualisation Basics

    • The B String Shift

    • Test your learning

    • Octave Shapes

    • All 3rd Shapes

    • All 5th Shapes

    • Learning Note Names

  • 3


    • Triad Shapes

    • Test your learning

  • 4

    String Set 1

    • 7th Chords - String Set 1

    • m7, m7b5 and maj7 - String Set 1

    • Test your learning

  • 5

    String Set 2

    • 7th Chords - String Set 2

    • m7, m7b5 and maj7 - String Set 2

  • 6

    String Set 3

    • 7th Chords - String Set 3

    • m7, m7b5 and maj7 - String Set 3

  • 7

    String Set 4

    • 7, m7, m7b5 and maj7 - String Set 4

  • 8

    String Set 5

    • 7, m7, m7b5 and maj7 - String Set 5

  • 9

    String Set 6

    • 7, m7, m7b5 and maj7 - String Set 6

  • 10

    String Set 7

    • 7, m7, m7b5 and maj7 - String Set 7

  • 11

    Upper Extensions And Chord Substitution

    • Upper Extensions And Chord Substitution

  • 12

    Altered Chords

    • Altered Chords and Flat 5 Substitution

    • Unaltered And Altered Chords

  • 13

    Slash Chords And Other Chord Types

    • Slash Chords

    • Additional Chord Types

  • 14

    Next steps

    • Congratulations in completing the course!

    • Before you go...


  • Is this course for me?

    If you are a guitarist who is passionate about learning and improving your skills, a good knowledge of chords is essential. The concepts in this course will require you to put in the work, although the concepts will vastly improve your knowledge of the guitar fingerboard and allow you to generate and remember thousands of chords.

  • Will I learn all the chords?

    No matter how many chords you learn, new chord shapes will always be possible. This course will give you countless useable shapes for all the chords you will ever need and the ability to understand and remember any new shapes that you encounter. You will feel much more confident when playing chords once you have completed this video course.

  • Is this a jazz course?

    No! It does not matter what style of guitar you play. By working through this course, you will learn everything from how to generate all the basic triad shapes up to the most advanced chords you will ever encounter. Style of guitar is irrelevant and a good chord knowledge is essential in whatever style you enjoy to play.

  • Is the course suitable for beginners?

    This course progresses from very basic ideas to advanced chord concepts. Ideally, basic playing skills are required although for a student who is prepared to put in work, rapid progress will be achieved.

  • Is this course for acoustic or electric guitar players?

    Type of guitar is irrelevant. The examples are played on electric guitar, although they could have just as well been played on an acoustic guitar.

  • I play classical guitar. Will this course suit me?

    Yes! I have taught classical guitar at all different levels of ability and the concepts will greatly benefit classical guitarists. Many classical guitarists sight read and/or remember pieces of music without understanding what they are playing. Harmony is the same, no matter what style of music is being studied.

  • I am a slow learner. Will this course be too fast paced for me?

    Students learn at different rates, so there is not a perfect speed at which to deliver a course. The concepts in this course are built on foundations and each section needs to be understood before moving on. If ever a concept requires more time to digest, the pause and rewind functions can be put to good use.

  • Is sight reading required to take this course?

    No. Every musical example in the course is performed and also accompanied by a clearly written guitar fingerboard diagram. Traditional music notation and guitar tablature are not used.



Senior Instructor

Paul Hill

I have played guitar professionally all of my working life and I split my time between teaching and performing. I feel very fortunate to have a very successful teaching practice and spend much of my time performing with great musicians. I often get asked to conduct seminars on various aspects of guitar playing, I have written a popular book – the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book, I am an examiner for the London College of Music and I am a listed teacher with the Registry of Guitar Tutors. I was the first person ever to pass the FLCM Jazz Guitar performance diploma which makes me a Fellow of the London College of Music – the highest diploma awarded by the London College of Music.

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