Don’t Waste Your Time Learning Scales, Chords And Arpeggios

Learn To Generate Them Instead

You know how when learning any musical instrument, you need to know scales, chords and all the theoretical stuff?

Well, my guitar courses show guitarists how to understand the guitar fingerboard and generate all the patterns for themselves, which saves many years of wasted learning.

In fact, every guitar student I’ve taught has been able to grasp these concepts very quickly. As an example, my guitar students are able to generate all the modes of the major scale in any position on the guitar fingerboard, and this usually only takes less than 30 minutes to show them. It is then extremely easy to generate patterns for any other scale you will ever need.

With a few simple concepts, my students are also able to generate thousands of chord and arpeggio shapes which they will not forget as they are generating them and not simply trying to remember the shapes.

"Knowing And Not Doing Is The Same As Not Knowing"

A head full of theoretical ideas that you do not use is useless. Everything you learn from any of my guitar courses can be used in your guitar playing.

Maybe you are studying for a graded guitar exam. There is always the scales section that students generally hate. Mindlessly running up and down scale patterns is pointless!

Don’t learn scales to get good at playing scales... learn scales to get good at playing music - big difference!

The only time you will ever play scales evenly, ascending and descending from root note to root note, is when an examiner asks you to do so. You will not do this when playing music, so why practise scales in this way?

If you worked through your guitar grades from preliminary grades to grade 8, you will have memorised a huge amount of scale patterns. Can you remember them all? No! Why? Because you are simply trying to learn patterns with no real purpose.

Generating scales, chords and arpeggios for yourself will give you all the shapes you will need up to grade 8 and light years beyond but more importantly, you will use them and they will be a musical resource.

Don't Waste Any More Time!

I have been teaching guitar professionally in schools, colleges, universities and privately for around 30 years. I have always been ridiculously busy performing and teaching guitar, and I am very proud of the great achievements that many of my students have made over the years.

Now, you too can discover the ability to easily generate scales, chords and arpeggios for yourself, understand how to use them and save many years of frustration and time with wasted, inefficient learning.
Paul Hill Guitar Course Creator

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All my courses come with a 14 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

I am confident that once you begin to generate shapes for yourself, you will have the same “this makes everything so easy, why haven’t I been told all this before!?!” reaction that I receive from my students.
Money Back Guarantee

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